NEW! Hulk Dust 3 RAGE - Pre-Workout


NEW! Hulk Dust 3 RAGE - Pre-Workout & Muscle Development System

  • Increases Power, Strength, Focus & Energy
  • Increases Growth Hormone Secretion
  • Forces Carbs & Aminos Into Trained Muscles (Insulin Mimic Compounds)
  • Increases Muscle Size & Development By Stimulating Mitogenesis (Cell Replication) and Hypertrophy (over long-term use).
  • Reduces Muscle Fatigue During Training
  • Increase Nitric Oxide Production

A Bit Of Hulk Dust History

The New Hulk Dust has been developed and improved 4x times since it's first production batch. Slowly refining the formula to give you the best result, value for money, high-quality ingredients and synergistic effects for better muscle growth & development.

GEN 1 - Hulk Dust - Looked like green crystal meth, hard-core, strong as hell and packed a BIG Green HULK PUNCH to power through your workouts ... It 'clumped', was bulky and the packaging was rough.

GEN 2 - Hulk Dust 2 - Was more refined, did the same awesome job, slightly altered the ingredients (less rubbish, more good stuff) but the bottle was HUGE, HEAVY, therefore more costly to ship (over 650g) and took up most a lot of space in the shipping satchel. 

GEN 2.5 - Hulk Dust 2

Definitely a more polished and professional look. Only weighing 200g (150g net) it's a space & money saver to ship. Concentrated to pack 50x 3g serves which will last you 1-2 months so it's awesome value for money ... but it 'clumped', it was ALL active ingredient, no filler, no anti-clumping agents ... but idiots still complained.

GEN3 - Hulk Dust 3

This is IT, Unleash the beast ... and Smash Those PBs ... this isn't for pussy boyz ... it aint pretty ... but it'll pack a noticeable PUNCH right through any session you can throw at it.

It doesn't 'clump' and we still refuse to add in fillers & anti-clumping agents ... it's ALL active ingredient, so you get the best value for money pre-workout that delivers RESULTS.

The ingredient list in the images ... probably stuff you've never seen in a pre-workout before! We'll bring out the tech docs for the 'secret' compounds shortly ... in the meantime ... you can read all the crap you want ... OR you can grab a tub, get in the gym and get shit done.

And Train Your Ass Off!


Mix 3g (1x scoop) of HD3 RAGE into 400-600ml of cool water & consume 30mins before your workout. Best used in conjunction with Muscle Dust BCAAs, a high-calorie diet plan and a progressive overload style of resistance training as part of a muscle development programme.

Try 3g per training day for the first week to assess tolerance level.

50x 3g Serves, 150g per Bottle
(50x 3g Serves @ 1x Serve per training day = 1-2 Months Supply)


High Caffeine Content: Do Not Exceed 6g (2x scoops) in 2hrs, Do Not Exceed More Than 9g (3x scoops) of HD3 RAGE per day, Do Not Use With Other Caffeinated products or beverages.



IFBB Pro Gary Wright Signature Series:

Approved & Used daily by IFBB Pro Gary Wright for his crazy muscle building workouts. It's no secret he likes to dose up on Hulk Dust before he trains, during the day or in the middle of the night ... and everyone knows he trains with intensity & insanity until his muscles are screaming afterwards ... and now, you achieve the same insanity levels.

Pick A Flavour




Red RaspberryRed Raspberry
Green LimeGreen Lime
Blue LemonadeBlue Lemonade

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Hulk dust

Speaks for itself, when it comes to lifting or any form of training it is the best!!


Best shit out #BIGBOYZ

Amazing Products

Keep up the fantastic work Boyz

Hulk Smash!!!!

Blown away, clean and F’n’Strong. No jitters, No mood swings just clean strong focus.

Same great product, same great service!

Product delivers 100% of label claims! Great energy, focus, pumps, strength and endurance increase, no crash and at a great price! Bout by serious lifters, for serious lifters!

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