About us

BIGBoyz has been in development since 2015 out of a need for low cost, high quality lifting equipment, clothing & supplements that are useful, that work, that are affordable made for 'The Boyz', by 'The Boyz'.

BIGBoyz Director, AJ Wilson believes there needs to be a major change in the fitness industry where the athlete should benefit more than the equipment, clothing & supplement companies that rape the industry sideways.

After all, it's the athletes, gym goers and gyms that make the industry, isn't it?

BIGBoyz wants to 'give back' but needs your support behind it.

We'll be developing (and improving) our product range as we grow alongside our supporters providing improved alternatives to the most popular lifting gear, clothing & supplements out there.

All you have to do is join us and make the switch. Don't like our products? Let us know and if the majority of our customers agree, we can make adjustments and improve the product or make a new alternative altogether.

We have direct input into everything we develop and we listen to our supporters (that have credible arguments).

We also have direct access to new technologies in the supplement industry we will be bringing to the marketplace as we grow.

So try our products today, get the results you're looking for and help us, help you, save money on high quality products, that actually work.

Try us out today and enjoy the benefits tomorrow.


- BBC Admin


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