BIGBoyz Liquid Stack 4
BIGBoyz Liquid Stack 4
BIGBoyz Liquid Stack 4
BIGBoyz Liquid Stack 4
BIGBoyz Liquid Stack 4
BIGBoyz Liquid Stack 4
BIGBoyz Liquid Stack 4
BIGBoyz Liquid Stack 4

BIGBoyz Liquid Stack 4

If you like (prescription only) SARMS, then you'll love the
NEW BIGBoyz Liquid Stack 4... (Updated non-prescription formula for 2023).

The Liquid Stack 4 has been formulated for natural athletes, power-lifters, bodybuilders and the general gym lover that wants to maintain optimal, healthy hormone levels during their training cycles or after "harsh supplement" cycles.

Most will integrate The Liquid Stack Drops into their strength & muscle development training programs & dietary protocols that demand advanced nutritional requirements for body adaptability under intense physical stress to aid in advanced growth & development.

The Liquid Stack V4 contains unique (non prescription) research compounds and a synergistic blend of ingredients with an Alpha ZMA Complex to aid the body in muscle function & repair. 

  • Necessary for bone structure.
  • Necessary for normal nerve & muscle function.
  • Contributes to a reduction of tiredness and fatigue.
  • Necessary for normal protein synthesis.
  • Contributes to normal physiological function.
  • Necessary for normal cell division.
  • Contributes to normal energy production.
  • Necessary for normal energy metabolism.
  • Contributes to normal mental performance.
  • Contributes to cell protection of free radicals.
  • Necessary for tissue building & repair.
  • Contributes to the normal production of thyroid hormones.
  • Contributes to the maintenance of normal testosterone levels in the blood.
  • Contributes to normal synthesis and metabolism of steroid hormones and some neurotransmitters.


Liquid Stack - Ingredients

PHX4 Ingredients

LHT4 Ingredients
RCX4 Ingredients

Liquid Stack - Directions & Warnings

Liquid Stack Directions & Warnings


Please Note: We always recommend consulting a medical professional before using our products if you have any health concerns. We do not recommend using our products if you are using any medication and/or have any serious health issues without professional medical guidance otherwise. All claims made on this page are allowable under the Supplementary Sports Foods Standard 2.9.4. Therefore (at the time of publishing - 01 Feb 2023), we believe our products do not require ARTG Registration.

Warning: Strong (explosive) after taste, have water/beverage ready.

Recommended Cycle(s): 1-2 Months On, 1 Month Off.

Continuation Cycle(s): After using The Liquid Stack, one may consider cycling into the Strength Stack, Strength Stack 3XL or the individual products within those stacks. 

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT): Not necessary (1-2 months).
Test Switch C1 maybe used after longer cycles or higher doses.

Advanced Athletes: May prefer 1ml of each bottle every morning, daily and another 1ml of each bottle before training on training days.

Advanced Use Case #1: May be used as part of a PCT protocol.
Advanced Use Case #2: May be used to bridge "other compound" cycles.BIGBoyz Liquid Stack V4

Please Note: We store our liquid products upside down to ensure there is no leakage before shipping. Your bottles are then wrapped in bubble wrap & placed into a cardboard box before shipping. We recommend adding the optional insurance at checkout incase of "damage in transit" by the courier.

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What Do You Recommend?

We recommend aligning your training goals & diet with the supplements they are formulated for i.e. "Strength, Shred, Mass & Maintain".

We also recommend trying our supplements using the recommended (generic) dosing protocols on the product labels, then trying different protocols based on your unique preferences, lifestyle, dietary requirements & training routines.

Are These Products Safe To Use?

Our products are formulated in a licenced, compliant, food safe manufacturing facility located in Melbourne Australia by qualified food scientists with a background in toxicology, health sciences & human factor engineering.

We believe our products are safe for the average healthy individual that has no medical concerns, using the recommend dosing protocols, in cycles, without the use of others products and/or medication(s) and used in an appropriate & responsible manner.

We always advise consulting a medical professional if you have any health concerns before using our prouducts.

What's Your Refund Policy?

For perishable goods that are unopened, in saleable condition as it was sent and recieved by our staff within 7 days of purchase (sent to us at the customers expense), we're happy to honour a full refund if it's not what you ordered.

Unfortunately products that have been opened, that have contents missing or products that have been held longer than 7 days will be deemed unsaleable and unrefundable because we cannot determine what the contents have been exposed to or how the products have been stored.

You can read our full refund policy here.

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Majority of consumers aren't aware that companies selling to the general public cannot make certain claims against products, unless they meet specific and restrictive criteria according to various categories set by the regulatory authority in that area.

To simplify the above, we just don't make claims like other supplement companies do (annoying I know) but necessary.

Instead, we let the products do the talking and rely on positive word of mouth from our members.

This means, we don't need to spend money on advertising and can pass those savings onto our members.

Feel free to Google or PubMed Articles on the ingredients we use as we cannot display that content on our website (unfortunately).

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Matt B. (Sydney, Australia)
Liquid stack 4

AWESOME product was delivered the next day. Iv been useing this for 2weeks now and noticed substantial difference every training session and the speedy recovery aswell would highly recommend.
The flavour is a kick in the face at the start but grows on you like your gains each day and you soon begin to love it

Thank you for the awesome review legend! Apologies for the kick in the face ... but we definitely agree ... the taste is also an awesome kick in the pants right before you train too ;) Thanks again Matt! #BIGBoyz

HENRY J.S. (Perth, Australia)

Hands down by far the best

Appreciate your review Henry ... Thank you! #BIGBoyz

Mr D.
Good stuff!!!

I'm a couple weeks in, strength and endurance are up. With diet on point and a full dose of all three I've put on noticeable size already. Delivery was quick as always.

Really appreciate you taking the time to tell us about your awesome results Lachy! Size, Strength & Endurance ... sounds like you know what you're doing also! ... Great to hear mate, thanks again for the awesome review ;) #BIGBoyz

wiki w. (Melbourne, Australia)
Hearty as

Only using half dose it's mean as noticed the difference in focus and my strength has gained aswell only my second wk but I am very happy with the results can't wait to see what the next couple going to be like

Thanks for the awesome review 2x weeks in mate, happy to hear things are going well on only a 1/2 dose protocol!

Artie (Melbourne, Australia)
They Really Work!

I felt compelled to write that your stacks work. Strength is up across all exercises & I have put on 2kg of muscle. I have been taking the strength stack cycle 1 & then added the liquid stack 4 before my workouts - then the magic really started. Quick delivery & appreciated the freebies. Will definitely be ordering again. You guys rock!

Hey Artie,

Really appreciate the time to write an awesome review ... especially from someone who sounds like they know what they're doing! (Diet, Training & Supplementation). Great work on your progress legend, have a great week, thank you.

Strength Stack 3XL

Easily the strongest supplements available in Australia without prescription.

(Until they get banned)